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Click4Karmachari helps you unify your brand identity by collecting, storing and distributing
design tokens and assets — automatically.

Register and Login

  • Click4Karmachari - Monitoring employee work, project tasks & many more.
  • This portal helps to save time & track accurate attendance.
  • Only HR registered through company details and then he/she registered company employees and employees use this application for their all facilities.
  • First, register your company name, phone number, password, etc.
  • After registration read the terms and conditions then continue on the login page.
  • Then enter your registered mobile number and Password, and log in to your page.


  • Here you can check all modules which available directly.
  • Attendance is also available in the dashboard.
  • Like leave, employee, voucher request, Advanced request, etc.
  • And also you check your profile on the right side and sign out.


  • Add complete employee details like personal details, experience, bank details, etc.
  • Also, you can activate and deactivate employees and edit the details of the employees.
  • Also, know the total employees working in your company.


  • In this what assets are used in your company all details we mention here and add your new assets here.


  • Here which projects you are working on you can add and also check their details who assigned here.


  • Here employees add their tasks and also add their project’s name.
  • Admin also checks their daily task with employees’ names and with a date.
  • In the employee’s task, you check the complete month task and date to date.


  • If any employees need to resign they can add a resignation date and relieve automatic came according to your company policy.


  • Here admin adds what events are going next related to the employee like work anniversary, Birthday, etc.

Notice Board

  • The Notice board is only used for admin he/she only changes the notice board.
  • We add whatever important notice we want to tell the employee.


  • Here admin checks employee punching time with the date.
  • Also, the admin checks monthly punching attendance reports.


  • Admin adds direct employees’ leave and also checks who want leave. So the admin has the right if he wants to approve the leave of that employee or not. This authority only has admin.


  • Here employee asks for a voucher so the admin approves the voucher here. It depends on the employee’s voucher money and how much he/she wants.


  • Here admin Generates a new document, a List of documents, and an important document.


  • Here check how many Assets are available in your company.
  • Same City, Designation, leave, event, etc.

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